Phonics Workbooks for Year One

Year 1 Workbook

Phonics workbooks can be an effective tool for helping Year One child learn to read and write.  Workbooks typically include a variety of activities and exercises designed to help children practice and develop their phonemic awareness skills. Some of these activities may include:

  1. Letter recognition: Children may be asked to identify and name letters of the alphabet.
  2. Sound recognition: Children may be asked to identify and produce different sounds that are associated with letters or letter combinations.
  3. Word building: Children may be asked to use their phonics skills to sound out and build simple words.
  4. Reading and comprehension: Children may be asked to read short passages and answer questions about what they have read.
  5. Writing: Children may be asked to practice writing letters and simple words.

By using phonics workbooks, Year One children can develop their phonemic awareness skills and begin to understand the relationship between sounds and letters. This can help them become more confident readers and writers, and prepare them for more complex literacy skills in the future.

Top 5 Year One Workbook

Oxford Phonics World 3

The Oxford Phonics World: Level 3: Student Book with App Pack 3 is a combination of a student book and an app pack, providing a comprehensive set of resources for children to develop their phonics skills. The pack is aimed at children aged between 5 and 6 years old and can be used in the classroom or at home.

The app pack includes interactive games and activities that allow children to practice their phonics skills in a fun and engaging way. The app includes a range of activities, such as matching sounds to letters, spelling words, and reading short stories.

The combination of the student book and app pack provides a comprehensive set of resources that can help children develop their phonics skills both in and out of the classroom.

Year One Phonics Bundle

The KS1 English Targeted Practice Book Bundle: Phonics – Year 1 Books 1-3 Product Bundle is a set of three books designed to help children in Year 1 develop their phonics skills.

The books are targeted specifically at children in Year 1 and are intended to be used alongside the National Curriculum. Each book contains a range of activities and exercises that are designed to help children develop their phonics skills.

The bundle includes three books, each with a different focus:

Book 1 focuses on developing the basics of phonics, including letter recognition and simple word formation.

Book 2 builds on the skills developed in Book 1 and introduces more complex sounds and word structures.

Book 3 focuses on consolidating the phonics skills developed in Books 1 and 2 and introduces more advanced spelling and handwriting exercises.

KS1 Daily Practice workbooks

The New KS1 Daily Practice 6-Book Bundle: Year 1 – Spring Term is a comprehensive resource designed to help children in Year 1 (ages 5-6) develop and strengthen their core skills in English and Maths. The bundle includes 6 individual books, each focused on a specific area of learning and practice and is suitable for use at home or in the classroom.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, this bundle is an excellent tool for helping children in Year 1 build their core skills and achieve their full potential.

Phonics Book 5-6 years

The Bumper Phonics Activity Book for Year 1 – KS1 is a fun and engaging resource designed to help children aged 5-6 years old learn and practice essential phonics skills.

The book is organised into sections that gradually increase in difficulty, allowing children to build their knowledge and confidence as they progress.

It is aligned with the UK national curriculum for Key Stage 1 (KS1), which covers children aged 5-7 years old, and can help children prepare for the Phonics Screening Check that takes place in Year 1.

Phonics Workbook: Phase 5 Sounds

This Phonics Workbook Phase 5 Sounds: Activities for Year 1 and Early Readers Age 5 and 6 Paperback is designed to help young readers aged 5-6 learn and practice phonics skills. It contains a range of activities that are aligned with the UK National Curriculum and covers all the sounds taught in Phase 5.

The workbook includes engaging exercises such as word searches, matching, and fill-in-the-blank activities to help children practice blending and segmenting words. It also includes reading comprehension activities to help children improve their reading skills and develop their vocabulary.

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