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Phonics and Spelling

Phonics and spelling are two related concepts in language learning. Phonics refers to the method of teaching reading and writing by linking sounds (phonemes) to letters or groups of letters (graphemes) in the alphabet. It involves teaching the sounds of the individual letters, as well as the sounds made by combinations of letters, such as “sh,” “ch,” and “th.”

Spelling, on the other hand, refers to the ability to write words correctly, using the correct order of letters and their combinations. Spelling is closely linked to phonics because understanding the sounds of letters and letter combinations is essential for spelling words accurately.

In the early stages of language learning, phonics and spelling are crucial for building a strong foundation in reading and writing. Children who learn phonics and spelling are better able to decode written language and comprehend written text, which is important for academic success.

However, phonics and spelling are not just important for children learning to read and write. Even as adults, improving our phonics and spelling skills can help us communicate more effectively in both written and spoken language.

Spelling resources for Reception

Spelling resources for Year One

Spelling resources for Year 2

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