Phonics Workbooks for Year Two

Year 2 Workbooks

Phonic workbooks can be a valuable tool to help Year 2 children develop their reading and writing skills. Here are some ways in which phonic workbooks can be helpful:

  1. Develop Phonemic Awareness: Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate individual sounds in spoken words.
  2. Improve Phonics Knowledge: Phonic workbooks can help Year 2 children develop their phonics knowledge by providing exercises that help them recognise the sounds and patterns of different letter combinations.
  3. Build Vocabulary: Phonic workbooks can introduce new words and help children understand the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  4. Enhance Reading Comprehension: Children can improve their comprehension by completing exercises that focus on understanding the meaning of the text.
  5. Improve Spelling: Phonic workbooks can help Year 2 children improve their spelling by providing exercises that focus on the correct spelling of words based on their sounds.

Overall, phonic workbooks can be a useful tool to help Year 2 children develop their reading, writing, and spelling skills. However, it’s important to remember that phonic workbooks should be used in conjunction with other learning activities and with the guidance of a teacher or parent to ensure that they are being used effectively.

Top 5 Year Two Workbooks

Oxford Phonics World 5

The Oxford Phonics World Level 5 Student Book with Reader e-Book Pack 5 is an educational resource designed for young learners of English who have a strong foundation in phonics. This pack includes a student book and an e-book reader to provide additional support to learners.

The e-book reader provides audio recordings of the stories and songs in the student book, allowing learners to follow along with the text and improve their pronunciation and reading fluency. The e-book reader also includes interactive activities and games to reinforce learning.

It is suitable for young learners who have a strong grasp of English phonics and are ready to develop more advanced skills. It is ideal for use in the classroom or at home and is designed to be easy for teachers and learners to use.

Year Two: My BIG Workbook

My BIG Workbook Gold Stars Year Two is an illustrated paperback workbook that offers a comprehensive range of exercises and activities designed for children aged 6-7. The workbook has 324 pages and comes with 300 gold star stickers that can be used to reward children for their efforts and progress.

It is designed to help children develop essential skills and knowledge while keeping them engaged and motivated.

The exercises and activities in the workbook are aligned with the UK National Curriculum and are organised in a fun and engaging way. They include puzzles, mazes, matching, word searches, and more.

Overall, My BIG Workbook Gold Stars Year Two is a valuable resource for parents and teachers who want to support children’s learning and help them develop essential skills and knowledge.

KS1 SATS Practice Papers

Prepare your child for the 2023 Key Stage 1 (KS1) Maths and English SATS tests with this comprehensive practice papers pack. This pack includes two sets of practice papers (one for Maths and one for English) designed to help children develop the skills they need to succeed.

Each paper includes a range of questions that cover the key topics and concepts that are likely to be tested. The papers are carefully crafted to match the format and style of the actual SATS tests, so your child can become familiar with the types of questions they will encounter.

Year 2 English Spelling

The CGP KS1 Spelling Daily Practice Book Bundle for Year 2 is a set of three books designed to help children aged 6 to 7 years old improve their spelling skills.

Each book in the bundle covers a term in the Year 2 curriculum, including Autumn, Spring, and Summer terms. The books are designed to provide daily practice exercises to reinforce spelling skills and help children to remember key spelling patterns and rules.

The content of the books is aligned with the UK national curriculum for Year 2, and covers a range of spelling patterns and rules, including phonics, common exception words, and homophones. The books also include guidance for parents and teachers on how to use the resources effectively and support children’s learning.

Early Reader: Activity Workbook 2

Early Reader – Activity Workbook #2 is a fun and engaging workbook designed to help children aged 5-7 years old improve their phonics, reading, and writing skills. Whether at home or school, this book provides a great way for children to practice and reinforce what they have learned.

This workbook includes a variety of activities that are specifically tailored to the needs of early readers. From identifying letter sounds to reading short sentences and writing simple words, each activity is designed to build confidence and improve reading and writing abilities.

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